UX Design
UI Design
Wordpress Development
Content Management

We designed and prototyped the user experience, interface and navigation of the new Badi Homes website. We developed the site with a fully customized booking and payment system on Woocommerce technology integrated with Hostify.

A new brand for a new project

Badi Homes is an extension of the Badi brand that offers a home away from home through rooms and studios for rent managed by the brand. To differentiate from their traditional business, Badi, we created a digital visual system that allowed us to design a clean, fresh and scalable website where the apartments were the star of the content.

A booking system with a powerful content strategy

The Badi Homes website needed to go beyond a booking system to become a reference platform of accommodation for travellers and dreamers. To achieve this, we developed a content strategy based on the detail of the characteristics of the properties and a blog that would be a tool for newcomers in Barcelona. With a clear intention of organic positioning versus its competitors, the development and content management has been developed within a constantly updated SEO strategy.