Home page & Landings
React & Node

A renewed experience with a professional approach

Badi is one of the most popular real state portals for renting and listing properties in Spain. Due to a new brand direction, we were entrusted to develop a renewed experience for their corporate pages based on a more professional approach.

A custom page for every user needs

Badi’s communication needs required specific pages for each need among its users. We created a set of 6 pages including their brand new home that followed a modular design pattern, provided by Badi’s creatives. We designed and introduced smooth animations and content transitions for a webapp experience on navigation.

A state of the art working ex­pe­ri­ence

One of the challenges was to integrate our work with their current live software, built over React and Node. Thanks to latest team managements systems our full-stack developers could work side by side with Badi’s team as a part of their crew so the project result was solid and consistent.