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News & Coffee aims to bring back to life a piece of each city, which little by little has been disappearing: The Newsstand. Behind this project is a group of people with different backgrounds but with the same passions for newspapers, independent magazines and books, live music shows and a great cup of speciality coffee.

Live music streaming

One of the main features of News & Coffee is that they perform live music shows cast from any of their kiosks. For that reason, we add Twitch, a platform allowing live music streaming. Then, those videos are recorded and kept in a gallery to be watched on-demand.

It’s also possible to listen to the radio from the website without having the browser open or download any mobile app that uses many device resources.

Bottom tab bar for a mobile design

In the mobile version, we create a bottom tab bar navigation located in the easy-to-reach zone to make it accessible by the user’s thumb. The tab bar is icon-only navigation with a plus icon to access the site’s main menu and a locator icon to find the suitable News & Coffee kiosk for each user.

Easter egg for curious users

One thing we like the most when working on our projects is to put some crazy stuff for curious users, and because we take care of all the aspects of the website, we wanted to make something fun for the 404 page. This idea of news and coffee being the perfect partner was present along the process. What could be better than creating a game of memory cards with exceptional illustrations where users have to remember and find the “perfect” partner for each card?

A modular and self-managed website

Through WordPress content manager, we developed a modular and self-managed website with descriptive content and fantastic illustrations. Finally, we used JavaScript to create unique animations and Less to give the website a fun and dynamic style.