Web app portfolio
react – redux

An audiovisual narrative studio

Norte Studio is a creative consultancy that offers the necessary resources to develop audio visual narratives of high artistic and communicative quality. They contacted us for working on a new online portfolio able to show their works with best user experience. The challenge? A super speed video loading on a website with lot of media.

Cool, clean, easy

Simplicity on navigation and accessibility to projects were the briefing cornerstones. We work on a flexible information architecture aiming to an scalable website. With a purpose larger than a pretty website, we design a modular wireframe and prototype a mobile first portfolio with super speed loading for a webapp experience navigation through contents.

Random colours and easter eggs

One thing we like the most when working on our projects is to put some crazy stuff for curious users. The palette of Norte Studio new brand allowed us to create a beautiful layouts combining its colours randomly. As a hidden feature for restless users, we created a classic disco version of the website that shows on crazy clicking on the logo.

Last technology on classical management

The challenge on using latest technologies is make them useful for companies with non tech crew. WordPress is a powerful content manager known by Norte Studio team, so we develop a tailored theme on React–Redux that they could self-manage. Combining these technologies we achieve a simple management website with a state of the art browsing experience

A design system for a new identity

A new look needs a nice presentation. With Norte Studio releasing their updated brand, they required a new design system for their website. Lluís Camps design a typographic system combining Norte Studio selected fonts that reflects a modern and casual studio formed by experienced professionals.