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A stylist personal portfolio

Paula López de Murillas is a commercial, cinema and theatre fashion stylist based in Barcelona. She has a huge portfolio of audiovisual work so she was looking for an online portfolio where people could enjoy her work with an optimal navigation experience. On the project, we work with our partner art director Lluís Camps for creating Paula López de Murillas identity and the web design for her portfolio.

Classical and fashion: an identity for style

Paula López de Murillas needed an orderly brand identity that demonstrate her professional methodology and enchances her work. We create a typographic logo inspired by classic fashion magazines. The use of colours reinforce the iconic recall as well as spotlight her work.

Cool, clean and organized

Simplicity on navigation and an ordered grid were the briefing cornerstones for the website. We work on a flexible content architecture aiming to an scalable website. With a purpose larger than a cool website, we design a modular wireframe and prototype a mobile first portfolio with super speed loading for a webapp experience navigation through contents.

Last technology with easy management

The challenge on using latest technologies is make them useful for non-tech creative professionals. WordPress is a powerful content manager, so we develop a tailored theme on React–Redux that Paula could self-update. Combining these technologies we achieve a simple management website with a state of the art browsing experience.