Transforming experiences by Laura Escobar

Senstories is a space in its most experiencial form, where connections are created with the guidance of experts in the practises of meditation, personal growth, and art. Flirt studio, Senstories’ art director, contact us to create a website where user could connect with Senstories spirit but also easily find information and book next experiences.

UX Design

Content First Architecture

Interface Design

Dashboard Design


Wordpress CMS
SEO optimization

Much more than an ecommerce

Senstories needed a website where people could easily book an experience feeling it’s made to mesure for them. We developed a woocommerce custom theme where the purchase process is completely tailored so users could book just one experience at a time, including a custom survey for a personalised experience.

Organic navigation and gentle animations

Simplicy in design doesn’t have to be boring, so animations were the user experience cornerstones for the website. With a flexible architecture adaptable to scalable content, we design a modular wireframe and prototype a mobile first website with gentle content loading animations for a webapp experience navigation.

Latest technology with easy management

The challenge on using latest technologies is make them useful for non-tech creative professionals. WordPress is a powerful content manager, so we develop a tailored theme on WordPress/Woocommerce that Laura could self-update. Combining these technologies we achieve a simple management website with a state of the art browsing experience.