Verbal Identity
Branding Direction

Redefining beauty rituals & emotions

Clara and Renato wanted to create the first beauty bar in Barcelona. A cozy space dedicated to personal care through natural cosmetics, with a range of services from facial and body treatments to a natural cosmetics boutique with a Mediterranean essence. They contacted us for creating a Mediterranean brand associated with natural beauty and luxury based on experience and enjoyment, so we design a project where the brand was builded tailored to owners essence and objectives from scratch.

Redefining beauty rituals

Casa Olea wanted to be a singular space in Barcelona, so they need an identity with strong personality and Mediterranean touched. We started the project with a branding workshop where the name, tagline and verbal identity where defined. Bold Brand Builders where our team as art directors creating the visual identity of the brand.

Much more than a coming soon

A coming soon landing page doesn’t need to be boring. We designed and developed a WordPress coming soon where Casa Olea could easily update contents and users could discover the essence of the new Barcelona beauty center while we are working on their new booking and ecommerce website with the team.